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Our experimental capabilities are the result of continue research and innovation. These services are specifically designed to support computational, modeling and design consulting activities. We provide standard material characterization service as well as customer dedicated testing.

Traditional material characterization

  • Tension, compression and shear test

  • Hardness and microhardness

  • Environemental ageing

  • Charpy impact, ASTM E23

  • Miniature Charpy pendulum impact testing, ASTM E2248)

  • Drop weight tear (DWT) impact testing, ASTM E 436

  • Digital image correlation and tracking (DIC/DICT)

  • and more.

Fracture Mechanics

  • Fracture toughness, ASTM E399

  • J-integral

  • Crack resistance

  • CTOD

  • Mode I composite interlaminar toughness DCB, ASTM

  • Model II composite interlaminar toughness ENF, ASTM

Impact dynamics

  • Dynamic tensile/compression test, direct tension Hopkinson bar (up to 1300°C)

  • Dynamic fracture toughness, KId

  • Taylor anvil impact test, light-gas gun, up to 200 bar and 40 mm bore

  • Rod-on-rod impact test (ROR)

  • Dynamic Tensile Extrusion (DTE)

  • Flyer plate impact, light-gas gun, up to 200 bar and 40 mm bore

  • Ballistic test: V50, .44cal and .35cal (9 mm) dedicated gas-gun

  • Drop tower (ASTM E208)

  • High speed videorecording (up to 500.000 fps)

  • Terminal ballistics

High temperature

  • Traction/compression test up to 1200°C

  • Creep test (650°C and 1100°C)

  • Creep relaxation (up to 290°C)

  • High strain rate tension/compression up to 1200°C





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