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Design and assessment of materials and components, operating under extreme loading and environmental conditions, is our main area of expertise. We use state-of-the-art proprietary models, advanced design criteria and unique experimental testing to support the development of R&D activities to accomplish customers objectives. Main technology areas of competence are:

Structural Integrity and Fracture Mechanics.
Our staff has more than twenty years of experience in the design against failure with both traditional (metals  and alloys) and engineered materials (composites). Our personnel is skilled in the design by rules with the most accredited codes (R6, DNV-OS-F101,  BS7910, API1104ASME sect. VIII, EN 13445, etc.) and in the design by analysis with commercial FEM codes (MSC.MARC, ABAQUS, NASTRAN, etc.). TECHDYN Engineering is highly specialized in ductile fracture assessment with remarkable experience in the development and application of damage mechanics models and failure criteria. The company uses proprietary damage mechanics models developed that can be specialized for customer applications. Read more.

High temperature modeling and design.
TECHDYN Engineering is highly skilled in modeling and  simulation of materials behaviour at high temperature with particular reference  to creep, crepp crack growth, creep-fatigue and thermo-mechanical fatigue (TMF). We use proprietary computational modelling framework for the  prediction of material creep curve (all three creep stages) and creep life, based on short duration test data and accounting for high temperature  damage and microstructure evolution. The model, formulated for multiaxial state of stress, has been extensively validated for pure metals, alloys (high chromium steels) and nickel based superalloys. Read more.

Impact dynamics.
Staff has more than 15 years of experience in the study, simulation and experimental assessment of high velocity impact related phenomena. The expertise covers theoretical, computational and experimental aspects of such discipline. TECHDYN Engineering has exclusive access to unique experimental testing facilities such as high load direct tension Hopkinson pressure bar and multiple-caliber light gas-gun launcher instrumented with high speed video recording and pressure gauges. Read more.

Thermomechanical process simulation.
TECHDYN Engineering developed  a computational toolkit for simulation of materials subjected to  thermo-mechanical processing (rolling, forging, stamping, etc..). This toolkit  provides advanced modeling capabilities to simulate the microstructure  evolution including a number of processes such as grain growth, dynamic,  static and metadynamic recrystallization, phase transformation, and more. This proprietary simulation toolkit makes use of cellular automata (CA) technology integrated with finite lement simulation (FEM).





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