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At TECHDYN Engineering we put our knowledge avaliable for customers developing dedicated software solutions. Our products are designed to solve specific needs in the design practice to reduce time, increase productivity and accelerate time to market. Check out our software and contact us for furtther information or specific requests.

CREEPCALC® is a comprehensive analysis software for evaluation of materials and components at  elevated temperatures. Among all features, CREEPCALC® offers unique analysis capabilities including:

  • creep test data analyzer

  • tracing Ashby-Frost deformation mechanism maps

  • identification of creep parameters

  • model simulation of creep behaviors

  • large library of models

  • creep experiments database manager

Avaliability: Now!
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B&PV Stress Reporter.
B&PV Stress Reporter is a post processing software  for automated stress reporting in accordance with  code and standards.  B&PV Stress Reporter links to commercial FEM codes output (MSC.MARC, ABAQUS and ANSYS) to  verifiy the compliance with user selected rules or load conditions. Where necessary, the software provides to calculate the linearized stress components (peaks, averagemembrane and membrane plus bending). As a result, the software generates automatically a  stress report (Microsoft Word file) in accordance with DNV-OS-F101 standard. Stress results and comparison tables can be also exported (PDF and Microsoft Excell). B&PV Stress Reporter v2.0 performs assessment with the following design code procedures: ASME Div VIII Sect. 2, RCC-M,DVN-OS-101.

Availability: Now.
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